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Quick fixes never work - but there are shortcuts to making change stick
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You will get a 42% increase in your results by journaling your thinking. 
You can download free worksheets or for a tiny fee, you can buy a beautifully designed workbook.
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Do the exercises
If you're serious about making the change, and taking the shortcuts in the book, then you need to do the exercises
Research has proven that you will get a 42% increase in your results by journaling your thinking. 

You can download free worksheets or for a tiny fee, you can buy a beautifully designed workbook.

Those who have used it say that it helps them think more deeply about the content, and they've seen significant step changes in their progress towards living their best life
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The best way to learn is to use more senses.  This online course uses videos, a special workbook that goes with the videos and takes the content in the book to the next level

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There truly is no better way to take this content further than by doing the Brave to Change course with Lisa herself.
meet Lisa
Lisa Linfield’s journey has not been ordinary. Brave—yes. Successful—yes. Straightforward—never.
I am passionate about learning.  About working out how to be the best version of myself.  How to change my life so that I can be the best mum, best business owner, best family member I can be.  My work, my happiness and my family mean the world to me.

I also have a strong faith.  I'm one of those that swear too much and probably love Gin and Tonics too much.  But one thing I know, is I'd be no where if I didn't have God by my side.  So working out how to hear Him is one of my biggest goals.
And I'm a huge fan of non-fiction.  That is testimony to the fact that I love learning from the successes and failures of others... so I can find the quickest way on my own journey.

My superpower is explaining things in what I call HumanSpeak - taking complicated concepts and making them understandable to normal humans.  I can't stand the complexity most people use.

Put all of those together, and you have the reason I love writing, and love teaching.  I feel my best sense of purpose when I'm helping others understand new things
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