Brave to be Free
Make Money.  Invest it.  Protect it
Lisa Linfield
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Brave to be free
Make Money.  Invest it. Protect it
Lisa Linfield
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Brave to be Free
I'm Lisa Linfield, and I'm a Wealth Manager, sought after Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host and Course Creator that partners with women around the world to help them make money, invest it and protect it from life's unexpected turns.
Lisa Linfield
My passion is to teach women about money.  To fight for the freedom of women, their financial freedom, so that all of our daughters can have the choice where to work, when to work and how to work.

I'm a board certified CFP (Certified Financial Planner), have lived and worked in the UK and South Africa, spending  19 years in financial services companies before starting my own wealth management company called Southern Pride Wealth.  I have 2 Honours degrees and have attended Oxford University, London Business School and Insead.
Keynote Speaker
Lisa is passionate about inspiring change, and helping others overcome the fear in them in order to live their best life possible.  Having spent 19 years in corporate and addressed large audiences both as a professional speaker and as a leader and entrepreneur, she knows how to relate easily to different audiences.
Her superpower is explaining the complexity of money in  HumanSpeak - a way that everyone can understand.  Her talks are BOTH inspiring and practical and audiences walk away clear as to how to change their lives.
They learn how to be:
 Financially Independent - know that you can make the money you need to pay your bills.  This gives you a sense of power and strength to make the right decisions for the right reasons 
 Financially Free - be clear about what it takes to get to a state where you can choose whether or not to work, where to work, and what to do by having enough invested to generate income to meet your daily expenses
 Financially Resilient - life happens, and financial resilience helps us manage the shocks that come - be they medical emergencies, cars and houses that break, losing our jobs, getting divorced or even death.  Make sure you and your kids can bounce back
Online training
There is no reason in this day and age that you shouldn't be able to learn how to make more money, invest it wisely and protect the lifestyle you've worked so hard to achieve.  

That's why we're building the best online courses in HumanSpeak - so you can not only understand step-by-step what you should do.

Each course is seriously practical, so you can implement it too... TODAY!

Our first course is the 16 Week Side Hustle where you learn how to start your own online business in 16 weeks.  
 How you find something to sell - be it a physical product or your knowledge
 How you market your product - and build know - like - trust - buy
 How you build your website sales page- with drag-and-drop tools even I can use
 How you build your launch and leverage social media- to get people to buy
Working Women's Wealth Podcast & Blog
Working Women's Wealth teaches women in over 70 countries weekly how to live their best life possible.

Each week we release a new Podcast episode to help you make more money, learn to invest it wisely, and work out how to protect it against life's unforeseen circumstances.

 Every second week Lisa engages a guest who's achieved great things, alternating with a short 20 minute episode teaching on a particular money topic to teach you how to become Financially Independent, Financially Free, and Financially Resilient. 
Southern Pride Wealth
As a regulated financial services provider, Southern Pride Wealth focuses on ensuring that clients are able to meet their financial objectives so they can live their best lives possible.   

This is done through an investment selection that has 3, 5 and 7 year top quartile performance; retirement planning that is both client behavioural centered and rooted in tax effectiveness; and estate planning that ensures that the transition is as efficient as possible to minimise further pain to your loved ones.
Lisa inspired me to change my life.  Her easy to understand way of explaining, clear action plan and accessibility were key to my financial success 
As a corporate employee, I earn well.  But I wanted to make sure I lived my life to its fullest, and was in a position to follow my dreams.  Lisa's courses helped me begin my plan B, and then build them to the stage I could leave my corporate job and focus on my passion.  I'm now making the same money I used to, but with the flexibility I need for my family.
- Mary Lou Smith
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