Ever wondered how you can 
know What You Need To Do 
but still can't do it on a regular basis?
Whether it's your health, your work, your relationships or your wealth... 
Join me for the step-by-step process that will help shift your thinking, find YOUR path, build resilience, and give you the tools to achieve your goals

There is NO such thing as a quick fix.  

But, there are ways to change your path for good.  I will introduce you to some of the greatest thinkers on habits, change, goals, resilience, brain science, Hope Theory and mindset. 
I'll show you how to use the frameworks I've written about in my book Deep Grooves to step change your life.  A proven, practical approach.

This is taught live

The course of 10 sessions, once a week, starts Wednesday 23 September

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Lisa is the host of Working Women's Wealth with more than 130 episodes listened to in over 105 countries


tired of never been able to break through the old patterns?
The challenge of changing our path in life (be it health, wealth, work or relationships) is a challenge all of us need to rise to if we want to live our Best Life.  

The problem is that we all have been fed a bunch of lies from The World Out There as to what works, what we should be doing and what will make us happy.

If it was so easy, we would all be thin, successful, happy, wealthy, and living our Best Life.

problem number 1
Most people think if they just have a bit more willpower things will be easier.  

That is such faulty and outdated thinking, it can never work.  Our brain is just not wired that way - it comes down to brain science

We only have two hours of processing time for our 'willpower' area, which we need for other stuff.
More willpower won't change it
problem number 2
Most people forget that changing a behaviour requires you first to change your thinking.

The problem is, most our thinking is done subconsciously - so how do you change something you're not even conscious about?

You can, you just need to learn how to read the signposts
You can't change your behaviour without changing your thinking
problem number 3
We've invested so much into the life we currently have - yet there's a 'hole in our soul' that's growing.  A sense there has to be more.

But taking that step to change is terrifying.  The problem is, to change path or take on something new, you need new tools, different approaches.

And you need a new way to handle your thinking and emotions.
You can't create a new reality with old thinking

Lisa Linfield

Author, speaker, course creator, podcast host, Board Certified Financial Planner, CEO, Wealth Manager, mom to three gorgeous girls, wife to The Loved One.

I’ve struggled through ALL THREE of these over the last few years…
I'm a lifelong learner.  I love it.  Before I went into banking, I was a physiotherapist (physical therapist)... and before I started my own business, I was a corporate executive following 20 years in financial services.

I've successfully navigated much change, and much heartache, many successes, and my share of failures.  These lessons I share freely - what worked and what didn't through my podcast, my book, and now more personally, through this course.
I held a dream my whole life - but the closer I got to it, the more I realised I didn't want it
I always thought the key to my happiness was being a successful - to be CEO of a listed company.  But, the hole in my soul grew and grew until I could no longer ignore that this life just wasn't bringing me joy.

Stepping away from what I thought my lifelong dream was was one of the hardest things I've ever done - even harder than giving up years of study at med school to go into banking.  Why?  Because it was so embedded in my identity, my dreams, and I'd invested so much of my life into it.
I tried exercising regularly - but failed every time until...
I have tried my whole life to exercise consistently - until I discovered two key flaws in my thinking - which meant I'd NEVER win the battle on willpower alone.  I implemented two key changes and 8 years later I've exercised a minimum of twice a week every week.
I tried to start my own business with the old thinking skills i learnt in corporate...
The mindset skills you need to thrive in a corporate which is so much about adapting to the corporate tribe are so different from the decision making skills you need to build your own successful business.  

It exposes your strengths, but goodness, it also exposes your areas of growth needed!  I've learnt how to adapt my thinking, what shortcuts I can use to build a business despite those areas of business I hate!
There's no quick fix, but there are shortcuts

...you just need the right guide.

There are two problems with the current thinking in The World Out There.
1. The idea that there's always a quick fix to everything
2. The siloed approach to everything - one person for habits, one person for goal setting, one person for...- is ineffective, and you need an integrated approach.

You can make the changes you need to make, you can live your Best Life... you just need tools that can serve you each and every day, in any situation.
developed over years, released in the book 'deep grooves' and now taught to you in person...
I've been working on this content, testing it with course participants, and then took it deeper in the book 'Deep Grooves:  Overcoming Patterns That Keep You Stuck'.  

Join us on the journey to changing YOUR life

Let’s get started…
Be Brave to be Free!
Lisa xx

just imagine
Living YOUR Best Life 
- Doing work that gives you energy
- Building your relationships to bring deeper joy
- Step changing your health
- Getting your wealth on track to bring freedom
More time with people you call your tribe

More happiness each day
and more!
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